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Some technical publications about the optics use with SPR.

Wang, T. J. et al. Integrated-optic biosensor by electro-optically modulated surface plasmon resonance. Biosens.Bioelectron. 22: 1441-1446; (2007).

This publication presents an integrated-optic surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor based on electro-optical modulation. Two measurement methods, electro-optically modulated SPR spectral measurement and electro-optically modulated SPR intensity measurement, are demonstrated and their measurands are the SPR wavelength and the output optical intensity, respectively. Experimental results measured by the electro-optically modulated SPR methods are compared with those measured by the conventional spectral and intensity methods, and the effects of waveguide width on the biosensor performance are discussed.

Akimoto, T. et al. Effect of incident angle of light on sensitivity and detection limit for layers of antibody with surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy. Biosens.Bioelectron. 15: 355-362; (2000).

The effect of the incident angle of light on sensitivity and the detection limit for surface-plasmon resonance spectroscopy were examined. The sensitivities and the detection limit were experimentally measured using an antibody as a modeled analyte in the incident angles of a light region of 66-76 degrees. The results showed that the sensitivity of a smaller incident angle was higher than that of a larger one.