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SPR servicess

There are companies that provide SPR services such as drug discovery, epitope mapping and kinetics.

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Profacgen logoProfacgen has organized a team of scientists with extensive experience in the study of PPIs to offer you one-stop service on your PPI project. We can help with your experiment design, carry out your experiments, and perform data analysis. We have established in our lab a series of assays to help with your research, including high throughput interaction screening assays such as Yeast two-hybrid screening and phage display technology, interaction strength and kinetics assays such as Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). Each approach has its own advantages and weaknesses in terms of sensitivity and specificity.

Type of techniques used: SPR, ITC, BLI

creative Biostructure logoCreative Biostructure has in the past years, accumulated rich experience in SPR technology and many experimental data, such as bio-macromolecular interactions, antibody screening/characterization, as well as consistency evaluation of protein/antibody. Our team of scientists with a shared scientific background in virology and biophysical technologies provides custom assay development services for coronavirus infection research and supports SPR experimental design and data analysis. We aim to help customers gain faster access to high-quality binding kinetics data so that you can better understand disease pathways, accelerate lead generation and candidate validation.

Type of techniques used: SPR, ITC, BLI, FRET, STD, MST

Beactica logoBeactica is a service provider specialized in molecular interaction analysis by SPR for exploratory drug discovery. Since 2006, Beactica has supported small biotechs and big pharmas globally in assay development, screens for novel hit matter, and characterization of drug leads. All our staff are distinguished scientists with extensive experience from many types of drug target classes. Some client projects have later been published in e.g. PNAS and Nature, and are summarized at our website.

Beactica strive for scientific excellence, quick project turnarounds, and a customer centered service experience. Get in contact for a free quote.

Other SPR service providers
BiaffinKinetics, Thermodynamics, ConcentrationSPR
ProfacgenKinetics, Epitope mapping, QuantificationSPR, BLI, ITC
Creative peptidesKinetics, epitope mapping, ligand fishingSPRi
Creative biolabsKineticsSPR
Total ScientificKinetics, ThermodynamicsSPR
Jubilant BiosysKinetics, Fragment screening, Competition assaySPR
EpisentumKinetics, SPR method developmentSPR