Sofchip sensor chips

Sofchip (1) offers a wide range of sensor chips for most common surface plasmon resonance instruments. The sensor chips of Sofchip are available in five different sizes (9x9x0.3, 12x12x0.9, 12x20x0.55, 18x18x0.3, 20x20x1 mm). These chips are not mounted on plastic substrate at this time.

Sensor chip compatibility
Reichert SR7000, SR7000DC, 2SPR, 4SPR, SPR-PLUS
BioNavis SPR Navi
Biosensing USA
Home made instruments

Surface plasmon resonance sensor chips
Catalog No Surface coating Functionalities Application
1000002-3 none bare gold in house modifications
1101112-3 none Carboxylated Amine immobilization
1121112-3 PEG Carboxylated Amine immobilization
1511122-3 Dextran Carboxylated Amine immobilization
1311122-3 Sythetic polymer higly negative Carboxylated Amine immobilization
1321122-3 Synthetic polymer mildly negative Carboxylated Amine immobilization
1331122-3 Synthetic polymer with spacer arms Carboxylated Amine immoblization
1344122-3 polymer Amine Carboxyl immobilization
1511422-3 polymer Epoxide Nucleophilic immob. (SH, NH2, OH)
1516422-3 polymer Maleimide Thiol immobilization
1512622-3 polymer Disulfide Thiol-disulphide exchange immob.
1513522-3 Ni chelating 6x HIS capturing
1517522-3 UV initiator Cavelent binding with UV
1770122-3 Proteine A Immunoglobulin capturing
1770522-3 Streptavidin Biotin-label capturing


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