Methods and protocols

This section contains links to methods and standard protocols to download. The protocols are designed for the Biacore 2000/3000 instruments.

Click the icon to download the PDF-file or the text for a short description.

pdf-file Checklist sample
pdf-file Checklist experiments
pdf-file Checklist Analysis
pdf-file SPR-Pages Maintenance calendar
pdf-file SPR-Pages standard experiment forms

Checklist sample

Checklists for sample preparation. With this list you have the basics steps of preparing the analyte sample..

Checklist experiment

Checklists for experimental conditions and analysis. Check all the steps from setting up the machine, immobilization, surface performance, doing the experiments and analyzing the results.

Maintenance calendar

Calendar to remind you to do the maintenance in a structured manner. This form can be used as a part of a maintenance logbook.

Standard experiment forms

Forms to fill in your experimental conditions. These forms guide you through all the important conditions so that on a later moment the experiments can be replicated.