2D surface

XanTec - 2D flat surface sensor chips

In the table below the 2D flat surface sensor chips available at XanTec (1). The surface thickness is below 5 nm offering a real flat surface. These planar coatings allow immobilization of small ligand densities of maximal one monolayer, which corresponds to approximately 1 ng protein/mm2. Their primary application is kinetic analysis, BIA of analytes with high molecular weight and capture of particulate analytes such as viruses, cells and particles.

XanTec flat
XanTec flat surface
Flat (monolayer) surfaces less than 5 nm thick.
Name Surface coating Functionalities
AP Dense amine layer primary and secondary amines
AU none bare gold
BP CM dextran, train conf. biotin
CMDP CM dextran, train conf. carboxymethyl
CMPG Dendritic polyglycerol carboxymethylated
CMTEG Tetraethylene glycol carboxymethylated
HZP CM dextran, train conf. hydrazo modified
HPP Alkyl-SAM hydrophobic planar alkyl layer
NIP CM dextran, train conf. NTA
OHP Dense saccharide layer not modified / hydroxy
PAP CM dextran, train conf. Proteine A
SAP CM dextran, train conf. streptavidin
TEG Tetraethylene glycol not modified / hydroxy
TP CM dextran, train conf. disulfide modified


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