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purity grade for chemicals/reagents

1 year 5 months ago #1 by Franz
Hello,I am starting to set up things for SPR experiments and am totally new to this field, so I apologize for the very basic question.  We are reasoning whether to opt for home-made solutions and immobilization reagents instead of the more expensive ready-to-use ones from the company. For the first option, I am in doubt with the purity grade required for the chemicals (for running buffers, regeneration solutions, coupling reagents). Is ACS grade required/appropriate for all reagents and/or for buffer components? I would greatly appreciate any advice on this point.Thanks in advance

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1 year 5 months ago #2 by Arnoud
Replied by Arnoud on topic purity grade for chemicals/reagents
Hi, I think this are very valid questions. High grade chemicals make the experiments better. For buffers and regeneration solutions we use the ACS grade reagents we have available in the lab. So we make our own buffers and mix our own regeneration solutions. All solutions are standard 0.22 uM filtered and stored at room temperature except 10% tween solution and regeneration solutions with low pH or molarity (to prevent growth). The immobilization chemiclas NHS and EDC are bowth in a kit from the manufacturer. There are some reports that general bought NHS and EDC are not working.

Kind regards

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