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This forum is intended for questions about kinetics, Surface Plasmon Resonance and the instruments related to these techniques.

Read this first

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Read this first was created by MQAdmin03
Thank you for coming to the SPR Pages Forum.
This forum is intended for questions about kinetics, Surface Plasmon resonance and the machines using this technique.
Before you ask a question, make sure your read the chapters of the SPR pages. In addition, browse the questions first before you ask a new question.

Please read:

Then make your question as clear as possible. Don't ask: "I have a weird sensorgram what should I do?"

But give us information on
  • + the instrument used
  • + immobilization conditions (concentrations/contact time of activation, ligand and deactivation)
  • + the buffers and regeneration condition used
  • + ligand and analyte (name, Mw, concentration and buffer composition)
  • + experimental set-up
  • + association and dissociation rate constants

and include relevant sensorgrams
  • + remove all unrelevand parts (regeneration)
  • + zero in Y and X

Insert sensorgram
  1. Position your cursor in the text.
  2. Go to Attachments and press [Add File].
  3. Locate your file and [Insert].
  4. After you submit the post the image will be incorporated.

I hope you get your answer as soon as possible.
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