SPR simulation logoThe SPR-Simulation program is a standalone application to simulate kinetic interaction curves. The program draws the curves after the input of the kinetic rate constants, the analyte concentration and the association and dissociation times. Other features are the simulation of equilibrium sensorgrams and plotting an overlay over an imported sensorgram figure.

SPR-Simulation is capable of the following simulations:

  • Multi cycle kintics
  • Single cycle kinetics
  • Equilibrium kinetics
  • 1:1 kinetics on a decaying surface
  • 1:1 kinetics with mass transfer

The program can export the sensorgrams in Bitmap, SVG and PNG-format. In addition, the curves can be exported in CSV-format compatible with Excel. The result tables can also be copied.

The simulation of interaction curves based on the fitting results can give extra information to improve the experimental set-up.

You can download the manual of the SPR-Simulation program to see if this program can help you with your experiments.

SPR-Simulation only runs on the Windows operating system.


Are you intereseted in the program, please drop me a line via the Contact form.

Screen shots

Single cycle kinetics Single cycle kinetics
Equilibrium simulation Equilibrium simulation
Mass transfer 1:1 with mass transfer simulation