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TOPIC: Need help- Biacore data analysis

Need help- Biacore data analysis 03 Aug 2017 19:04 #1

I am quite new with the SPR method, have an old biacore data of negative results. Here I attach the results. CM5 was used, both cells were immobilized with capturing molecule, it seems reference responses was higher than active cell responses Can anyone please help why this happened? Thanks

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Need help- Biacore data analysis 03 Aug 2017 19:49 #2

Hi Oli,

Why non-specific interaction happens we all want to know. If you can solve this you will be a rich man.

That said. You should go back to the original experiment and review the conditions, surface and proteins. Only then you can try to solve non-specific binding. The analysis that you present is not valid. There is a mathematical curve but this has nothing to do with proper kinetics.

Also look at

kind regards

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