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TOPIC: Some trouble can prevent just blocking bubble?

Some trouble can prevent just blocking bubble? 30 Jun 2017 04:44 #1

Recently, I have a many problem in SPR analysis such as disappearing of band, curve's drift, (awfully)chaotic plot... :(


I asked to advisor about this phenomena, he said 'that's occured by bubble'.


because, generally, band moves when changes reflection index you know, like picture above. (channel 1 and 3, band movement occured by Collidal gold sample) But in first picture, band was disappeared like equal symbol(=). So I was so embarrassed...

I use peristic pump when run experiment. but It cannot locate 15ml falcon tube perfectly, and I have to rotate between washing phase and inject sample. Because tube is too short for dip in tube far away...

And, I saw bubbles like soda someday. How can I remove bubbles in buffer, like SODA-POP?
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Some trouble can prevent just blocking bubble? 02 Jul 2017 09:36 #2

Hi K.S.Ha,

To minimize air bubbles in your buffers and tubing make sure that all buffer are 0.22 ┬Ám filtered (to remove small particles), degassed (minimizing bubble forming) and at the proper (room)temperature (this will also minimize bubble forming).

If you have difficulties with your instrument, I would first optimize the tubing, pumps and the general set-up. Now you are give yourself a hard time with working with an non-optimized instrument.

Kind regards
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