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TOPIC: How can we make these different channels in one?

How can we make these different channels in one? 19 Jun 2017 14:18 #1

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Progress is PBS-Streptavidin-PBS-Linker-1X TBS-DNA.
But this is not very important. Because all graphs, whether buffers or samples, look like this. DNA in 1X TBS or 3X SSC or and so on.

Streptavidin was subdivided and diluted with PBS buffer only for the amount used, resulting in a neatly merged graph of all channels. However, the linker or DNA is still diluted and used, but the graph is still strange. Of course, all samples were diluted with Serial dilution. Every channel is all different. Without going too far, the graph above is a good example. That's what's coming out.

I tried the test according to the trouble shooting of this page, but there was no abnormality in the device. And even if the streptavidin curve matches all three channels, it is not a malfunction of the instrument. What can affect the graph of each channel? Even with the newly diluted DNA, the graphs all play separately. The DNA graph still has three channels playing.

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