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TOPIC: Bubbles in the system

Bubbles in the system 19 May 2017 17:03 #1

Hi all,

We have make a mistake and we have selected the wrong injection place. There were not analyte but an empty place. Then air enter in the system. How is the best wat to purge the system in order to eliminate the bubbles that can appear in the next sensograms.
Do you think that the bubbles in the sensograms could be a problem in order of obtain the kinetic constants or concentrations?

Thank you everybody.


Bubbles in the system 19 May 2017 19:26 #2

Hi Papillon,

In general, a prime or a flow at the highest flow rate should push air bubbles out the system.
You can monitor the baseline to observe that it stable without any spikes of air.
If you have small air bubbles in the sensorgram, say 1-3 seconds, you can mask them or remove them from the sensorgram. If there are only a few missing points from the sensorgram, the evaluation software will work properly.


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