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TOPIC: export SPR curves

export SPR curves 09 May 2017 18:17 #1


I have been extensively been using SPR to look at the interaction between two proteins. I would like to analyse my curves on an external software, namely R studio. However, I am not sure about how to export them in such a way that R studio can read them. Have you done it or have any idea about how to do it?

Many thanks,


export SPR curves 09 May 2017 21:07 #2

Hi Cecilia,

With which instrument and software are the curves recorded?

The Biacore software has export functions to export the curves to excel or as csv files.
If you display a set of curves and right click the pop-up menu contains ‘Export curves’.

Kind regards


export SPR curves 12 May 2017 13:47 #3

Hi Arnoud,

I am using Biacore T200. I tried to export the curves to excel but they were lacking most of the information, like the curves themselves. Have you ever tried analysing the curves with a different software? Do you know if the csv format can be read in R?

Many thanks for your reply,


export SPR curves 12 May 2017 19:34 #4

Hi Cecilia,

In the control software (not the evaluation software) you have to select and display the curves you want to analyse. Then right click in the curve window and choose from the pop-up menu --> export curves.
That should work.

I ám not familiar with R but found this link:

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