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This forum is intended for questions about kinetics, Surface Plasmon Resonance and the instruments related to these techniques.
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TOPIC: CM dextran chip protocol

CM dextran chip protocol 20 Feb 2017 19:40 #1

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Does anyone know how to make a CM dextran chip?
I can't find a protocol for CM dextran making on gold chip.
like how much CM-dextran sodium salt should be coated on the surface of the chip?
THank you

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CM dextran chip protocol 21 Feb 2017 12:17 #2

Maybe these will help you.

1. Rofas S, Johnsson B, Edstr÷m s, Hansson A, Lindquist G, Hillgren RMM, et al. Methods for site controlled coupling to carboxymethyldextran surfaces in surface plasmon resonance sensors. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 1995;10(9-10):813-22.
2. Masson JF, Battaglia TM, Kim YC, Prakash A, Beaudoin S, Booksh KS. Preparation of analyte-sensitive polymeric supports for biochemical sensors. Talanta. 2004;64(3):716-25.


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