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TOPIC: Scrubber2 reference question

Scrubber2 reference question 21 Jan 2016 13:15 #1

Hi! When working in Scrubber2, there is an option under the "Reference" tab to indicate which flow cell is the reference, and then also to subtract either curve or jump. What does it mean to subtract the curve or the jump? Is there any difference in the result? Thanks!

Scrubber2 reference question 21 Jan 2016 16:15 #2

Hi Jenna,

When selecting for curve, the whole reference curve is used. The advantage is, that when the curve has a waobbled uring injection, this is also subtracted.

When selecting for jump, you have to position the blue line at the end of the injection jump. The response value at the line will be subtracted from the other curves. The shape of the curves is not changed only the response.

Kind regards


Scrubber2 reference question 21 Jan 2016 16:21 #3

Hi Arnoud, thanks for your quick response! What do you mean by "injection jump"? I am working with determining the off-rate of serum antibodies (specific to immobilized antigen) -- is one method "better" than the other? Thanks again! Best, Jenna

Scrubber2 reference question 21 Jan 2016 18:37 #4

Hi Jenna,

With injection jump i mean the bulk jump you can have when injecting the analyte. When you have matched the flow and analyte buffer you hardly see it. You apply the 'jump' reference subtraction method with the values at the end of the analyte injection.

In your case it makes no difference since you do off-rate ranking.

kinds regards

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