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TOPIC: Reducing non-specific binding in SPR

Reducing non-specific binding in SPR 27 Nov 2015 21:49 #1

Hi everyone,

We recently did an interesting study looking at non-specific binding of IgG to a COOH sensor. We looked at the effect of pH, salt, BSA, and Tween and how each of these impacted the level of non-specific binding. If anyone is aware of any similar studies we would love to hear about them. The results of ours is quite interesting.

The blog post and full article can be found here.

Any feedback is much appreciated and please reach out if you have any questions.

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Reducing non-specific binding in SPR 02 Feb 2016 16:09 #2

Hallo Ryan,

thanks for this nice overview about unspecific binding to CM5 chips.

I have a question concerning a similar problem.
I use GST Capture kit to immobilize Anti-GST antibody via amine coupling. Unfortunately my analyte (chaperone) is binding to the Anti-GST antibody even without prebinding of a GST-tagged ligand. The binding to an unmodified chip is much weaker

My running buffer is PBS (+ Mg + K + 0.1%Tween20)ph 7.4
The PI of my analyte is around 5.3

What do you think I could try to minimize this unspecific binding.

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