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TOPIC: bScreen LB 991 Label-free & Microarray Reader

bScreen LB 991 Label-free & Microarray Reader 04 Nov 2015 02:22 #1

Has anybody used the bScreen LB 991 Label-free & Microarray Reader instrument from Berthold Technologies? If so, what is your opinion of it? How does it compare to the GE/Biacore T100/T200 instrument as far as reproducibility?

bScreen LB 991 Label-free & Microarray Reader 10 Feb 2016 18:16 #2

Hi everbody,

I want to shrotly introduce myself: My name is Frank and I am wokring for Berthold Technologies as a product and marketing manager. I just read this post and wondered if I can give any answers.

Actually, the bScreen does not use SPR but a new technology that is based on optical interference (similar to the ForteBio systems). The kex feature is that it uses microarrays. Therefore you are not limited to a small number of measuerment cells, but can measure molecular interaction on every spot on a microarray. And these can be many... (Up to 20,000 in 1.5 square centimeters).

Regarding your question how it compares to the T/S200: acutally, it is almost as sensitive as these top instruments when it comes to small molecules. Our lower limit is 150 Da - a bit more than the Biacores. Buit the bScreen has its advantages for cell measurements: as it is not a SPR technique, the penetration depth is much larger and you can directly monitor binding events at the cellular surface and do not have to rely on "mass redistribution", which is a rather indirect way of detecting these interactions.

For the surface chemistry I dare say that everything that works for the Biacores will work for the bScreen. As reproducibility pretty much depends on the surface chemistry, the bScreen and the Biacores are even.

I hope, I could answer some questions (knowing that I am "biased", but still... B) )
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