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TOPIC: Storage and Re-use of BIotin CAPture Chips

Storage and Re-use of BIotin CAPture Chips 15 Jun 2015 19:55 #1

Hi there,

I was hoping for someone who has had experience using the Biacore Biotin Capture chips which have pre-immobilized ssDNA oligos conjugated to streptavidin on the surface.

I undocked the chip and stored in HBS-EP buffer as per the recommendations in the sensor surface handbook. The chip was in storage for roughly 24 hours at 4C.

When I re-docked the chip and attempted to capture the complimentary ss-oligo provided in the BioCAP kit I received no response.

It appears the chip has been damaged in some way during storage and cleaning. Are there any tips or considerations I should employ for successful storage and re-use of sensor chips, specifically any that would apply to this particular chip?

Thank you


Storage and Re-use of BIotin CAPture Chips 18 Jun 2015 08:37 #2

Hi Daniel,

In my experience the system is quite robust. What can happen is that the interaction compounds are still on the chip masking the oligo sites. Make sure that you strip and clean the chip thoroughly before storing. Stripping efficiency is also depended on the type of biotinylated ligand you used.
Record the amount of bound oligo-strep-biotin-ligand and the amount you stripped off. A 5% detoriation per oligo-strep is normal.

Over time an extra cleaning can be required, use a two-minute injection with 30% acetonitrile in 0.25 NaOH.
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