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This forum is intended for questions about kinetics, Surface Plasmon Resonance and the instruments related to these techniques.


Clamp XP 07 Jul 2014 21:52 #1

Hi all

Anybody has this sotware? The Utah website

is down


Clamp XP 08 Jul 2014 08:09 #2

Hi Yunus,

I understand from personal communications that there were issues. Some companie has an patent or so over the way that the software worked. The software is not longer available anymore.

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Clamp XP 08 Jul 2014 15:52 #3

Thanks Arnoud for the prompt reply

Anyway- any free or open source similar softwares?

Clamp XP 08 Jul 2014 19:35 #4

I did not find any open source software yet that could do some kinetic modelling and fitting.

I found this, but did not use it. It is an independent company. Look at
In Scrubber you can use the 1:1 model with mass transport for fittings. Look at

But both will cost you money.

So, to all: is there more software around we should know?
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