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TOPIC: CM3 virus

CM3 virus 01 Apr 2011 02:00 #1

Dear all

I've recently started to work on SPR with the aim of scaling down a chromatography colomun, for virus purification, at the moment i'm working with CM3 chip, but i would like to move to flat chips since viruses are pretty big particle, around 130 nm. So the options are or going for a C1 chip or using a golden naked sensor, the putting SAM with MUA ( 11 mercaptoundecanoid acid Nanothink acid11 99% grade pure), then doing the normal amino coupling like in the others chip. So now my question is which are the differences between these two chips.? is the chip C1 made with the same way using SAM and MUA or similar compounds?.

Tanks a lot

CM3 virus 01 Apr 2011 02:00 #2

Funny. I just posted the same question about the C1. I wonder if they keep the exact recipe as a secret. I use MUA or MPA to build the SAMs. I havent actually compare which works best but I can tell you that the commercial chips work better. If it doesnt make a big hole in you budget, go for the C1.