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TOPIC: Thickness and angular shift in SPR

Thickness and angular shift in SPR 11 Jan 2005 01:00 #1

Is there a quantitative theory that relates the thickness and the optical properties of a biomolecular layer to the angular shift in SPR?
There must be. Please help.

Thickness and angular shift in SPR 11 Jan 2005 01:00 #2


The mathematics associated with thickness relationship and the optical response is well documented but normally requires at least 2 measurements to be made (in 2 polarisations or 2 wavelengths) as the Refractive index needs to be determined as well, i.e. a thick layer with low density (or RI) will give the same response as a thin layer with high density. With traditional SPR there is only one polarisation which means this tends to be an ambiguity that you have to live with. We use a waveguide method with two polarisations which resolves this and there is also a coupled waveguide SPR version marketed by Peterion(?) which offers some thickness info.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions.