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TOPIC: Biotin-tagged molecule immobilisation

Biotin-tagged molecule immobilisation 30 Jan 2008 01:00 #1

Hi all,

I have read that successful biotin-tagged molecules immobilization need to reach a stable plateau.
Is it possible to reach a stable plateau also if you want a low immobilization level?

Biotin-tagged molecule immobilisation 30 Jan 2008 01:00 #2

I'am not sure I understand your question.

The avidin-biotin binding is a very strong binding. The binding is strong enough to be considered stable for your purposes.

When binding your biotin-tagged protein to a avidin sensor surface the response after immobilization must be stable even if you have a low immobilization level.

You can block the remaining avidin sites with a biotin injection and stabilize the surface with some high salt pH 8.5 injections (if possible with yor ligand).


Biotin-tagged molecule immobilisation 30 Jan 2008 01:00 #3

Thanks for your reply Arnoud,

Do you have access to BIAapplications Handbook from Biacore? At the end of the Streptavidin chapter (Page 4-26) it says that successful binding to SA surface means that the immobilization curve reach a stable plateau.