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TOPIC: Streptavidin on to CM5 chip

Streptavidin on to CM5 chip 18 Sep 2013 02:00 #1

Does anyone know if you get better results using the SA chips, or with using the CM5 chips and amine coupling the strep on to it? Is there a protocol that people have tried for this, as the one mentioned on the SA page doesn't seem to work for me ? I get quite low immobilisation level (~200RU) and when i go on to immobilise/bind my biotinylated protein to the streptavidin, I get no further change in RU (the protein is confirmed to be biotinylated via MS.). Not sure if i'm doing something wrong. the way i see it, either the initial amine coupling of the strep didn't work properly, or the biotin (on a ~23 residue linker followed by the remaining protein) is blocked/buried.

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Streptavidin on to CM5 chip 18 Sep 2013 02:00 #2


Never tried it myself but had nice results with the SA-sensor chip.
You may also look in to the Biotin CAPture-sensor chip system. This is a regenerable SA-biotin sensor chip.
I had nice results with it. Look at
It looks more expensive but you can use it several times to capture different biotinylated proteins.

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Streptavidin on to CM5 chip 18 Sep 2013 02:00 #3

In the past, i've known people to have very good results with doing fragment screening using biotinylated proteins and the SA-chip. I've never done the amine coupling of strep to a CM5 chip before, and am only doing it now simply for cost reasons (as the CM5 chip can be used for other things, the SA-chip is restricted for use only with biotinylated proteins which not many people in the lab use).
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