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TOPIC: Direct immobilization

Direct immobilization 02 Jan 2013 01:00 #1


I have always used capture immobilization. It is the first time I'm going to do a Direct immobilization on a CM5 chip. Will use Amine coupling. My Ligand mol. wt. is ~28000. I want to have an RL of approx. 200 RU. Any suggestions on; 1) concentration of ligand to start? 30 ug/mL:? 2) Suggested contact time for the ligand; 3) Suggested time for NHS/EDC activation? 4) How long to block with Ethanolamine. Kindly comment. Thanks.

Direct immobilization 02 Jan 2013 01:00 #2


Did you read the pages ?

1) start with a pre-concentration experiment and 10 - 30 g/ml
2) depends on the immobilization speed
3) start with 7 minutes
4) 7 minutes
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