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TOPIC: Linked reactions

Linked reactions 05 Oct 2005 02:00 #1

Hi all,

I am trying to identify a conformational change upon Analyte binding to Ligand. I know that different dissociation rates with different injecting times at a constant analyte concentration is the method to resolve this question. But the A-L interaction does not reach steady-state even at high analyte concentrations (200 nM) even at long injection times.

Is there any solution?

thanks in advance and good luck with your experiments

Linked reactions 05 Oct 2005 02:00 #2

Try to calculate if your goal is feasable.

You can calculate the Req

Req = (ka . C / ka . C + kd) Rmax

You can estimate the time to reach equilibrium

teq = -ln(1-@)/(ka . C + kd)

where teq is the time to equilibrium and @ is the fraction of reached equilibrium, typical 95% thus 0.95