XanTec 2D surface

XanTec 2D flat surface sensor chips

In the table below the 2D flat surface sensor chips available at XanTec (1). The surface thickness is below 5 nm offering a real flat surface. These planar coatings allow immobilization of small ligand densities of maximal one monolayer, which corresponds to approximately 1 ng protein/mm2. Their primary application is kinetic analysis, BIA of analytes with high molecular weight and capture of particulate analytes such as viruses, cells and particles.

XanTec flat
XanTec flat surface
Table: Flat (monolayer) surfaces less than 5 nm thick.
Name Surface coating Functionalities
AU none bare gold
BP CM dextran, train conf. biotin
CMDP CM dextran, train conf. carboxymethyl
CMPG Dendritic polyglycerol carboxymethylated
CMTEG Tetraethylene glycol carboxymethylated
CP Alkyl-SAM Carboxyl functionalized
DP Dextran, train conf. not modified / hydroxy
HZP CM dextran, train conf. hydrazo modified
HPP Alkyl-SAM hydrophobic planar alkyl layer*
LP CM dextran, train conf. carboxymethyl, partially alkyl derivatized**
NIP CM dextran, train conf. NTA
OHP Dense saccharide layer not modified / hydroxy
PAPG CM dextran, train conf. Proteine A/G
SAP CM dextran, train conf. streptavidin
TEG Tetraethylene glycol not modified / hydroxy
TP CM dextran, train conf. disulfide modified
* Immobilization of lipid monolayers
** immobilization of supported lipid bilayers


(1) XanTec - XanTec website. (2019). Goto reference