Biacore sensor chips

The SPR machines use sensor surfaces to have a defined matrix on which the measurements are done. In case of the BIACORE instruments this are the sensor chips. The actual sensor surface is shielded within a protective sheet. Depending on the application one of the sensor chips is used.

Overview of Biacore sensor chips
Chip nameDextranModificationApplication
CM7 100 nm 100% carboxylation high density CM-dextran - high capacity
CM5 100 nm 100% carboxylation general
CM4 100 nm 30% carboxylation cell extracts / serum and membranes
CM3 30 nm 100% carboxylation cell extracts / serum and membranes
C1 none 100% carboxylation phage binding
NTA 100 nm NTA capturing poly HIS-groups
HPA none hydrophobic lipid capturing
L1 100 nm lipophilic substances bilayers to mimic membranes
SA 100 nm streptavidin capturing of biotin
CAP 100 nM oligopeptide oligopeptide mediated capture of biotin
AU none none user defined surface chemistry
SIA none none surface interaction analysis in material science
Biacore sensor chips
Biacore sensor chip