XanTec sensor chips

XanTec sensor chips

XanTec (1) offers a wide range of sensor chips for most common surface plasmon resonance instruments. Complementary to the most common used surfaces, there is a wide range of interesting other surfaces like the Agarose, alginate or gelatin gel, protein A, biotin, poly-L-lysine or the disulfide modified linear polycarboxylate hydrogel. Each of the sensor chip surfaces is ready to use in the instrument of your choice.

Sensor chip compatibility
Reichert SR7000, SR7000DC
Biacore® 1000 – 3000, T100, T200, X, X100, C
IBIS I, II and MX96 Imager
Optrel Multiskop
Moritex systems
BioNavis SPR Navi

The basic difference between Biacore's and the XanTec surface chemistry is a different adhesion promoter which results in a lower level of non specific interactions and a higher activity of the immobilized ligand. In contrast to the state of the art, which applies a hydrophobic SAM, the XanTec adhesion promoter is hydrophilic and at the molecular scale more homogeneous


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