Some interesting science websites

Some of the sites I encountered and like to share with you.

SPACE Tools for structural prediction and analysis based on complementarity with environment. Only compatible with UNIX/LINUX systems.
Molecular modelling of proteins A well-organized collection of information about molecular modelling of proteins.
Graphics Gallery Gallery of pictures about biological building blocks and concepts.
BiophysicsHypertext A hypertext textbook by Kenneth R. Koehler about many topics of physics. Is worth a visit.
The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty All the references you need on constants and units.
Polymer Chemistry Glossary Nice glossary with entries about chemical terms and compunds.
Search Eric Weisstein's World of Science A website from Eric W. Weisstein with searchable topics of physics.
HyperPhysics A websites about physics.
Webelements The periodic table on the web with a lot of information.
Proteomic tools Vast amount of proteomic tools.