Methods and protocols

This section contains links to methods and standard protocols to download. The protocols are designed for the Biacore 2000/3000 instruments.

Click the icon to download the PDF-file or the text for a short description.

pdf-fileStandard operation protocols
zip-fileMethod files for simple immobilizations
pdf-fileChecklist sample
pdf-fileChecklist experiments
pdf-fileChecklist Analysis
pdf-fileSPR-Pages Maintenance calendar and some explanation.
pdf-fileSPR-Pages standard experiment forms

Standard operation protocols

These protocols are tasks that are listed in the menu "tools" of the BIACORE Control Software and are mainly focused on the machine and the maintenance of it. Here they are supplemented with some extra protocols.

In the protocol the Thermo racks are listed and the vial positions which will be used during the procedure. Below the racks there is a list of steps/commands. Each line gives the step/command, vial position, solution, volume, time of the step/command and remarks were necessary. At the bottom of the form the composition of the solutions is given.

The whole set of standard methods consist of:

StartUPStarting the machine
ContinueLeaving the machine for 72 hours
DesorbOnce a week cleaning
SanatizeOnce a month cleaning
CloseLeaving the machine for 5 days
ShutdownLeaving the machine for more than 5 days
System checkCheck system performance
Emergency stopStop a method at once
Power failureRecover from power failure

Method files for simple immobilizations

Method files which use the Biacore Control Software to automate several parts of the immobilization procedure. Extra methods are added, especially in the area of surface checking.

PreConcpre-concentration method on CM5 Sensor chip
Activeactivation of CM5 Sensor chip with EDC/NHS for amine coupling
Couplecoupling of ligand to an amine activated Sensor chip
Deactivdeactivation after amine coupling
Immobactivation, coupling and deactivation (amine coupling)
Blankcreate a blank channel by activation and deactivation
MassTtest for mass transfer limitation
Timetest for time dependent interactions
Aldehydealdehyde ligand immobilization
Amineamine ligand immobilization
Bigloopamine ligand immobilization on four flow cells
Fractionfraction collection
Gradientamine ligand immobilization creating gradient surface
Kinetickinetic measurement of analyte
L_Thiolligand thiol immobilization
S_Thiolanalyte thiol immobilization

Checklist sample

Checklists for sample preparation. With this list you have the basics steps of preparing the analyte sample..

Checklist experiment

Checklists for experimental conditions and analysis. Check all the steps from setting up the machine, immobilization, surface performance, doing the experiments and analyzing the results.

Maintenance calendar

Calendar to remind you to do the maintenance in a structured manner. This form can be used as a part of a maintenance logbook.

Standard experiment forms

Forms to fill in your experimental conditions. These forms guide you through all the important conditions so that on a later moment the experiments can be replicated.