Episentec – The Label-Enhanced SPR Company

Label-enhanced SPR greatly improves the sensitivity and specificity of SPR, and can be used directly on standard SPR instruments without any hardware modification.
Label-enhanced SPR is based on labelling of one interactant with specialized dye labels combined with software-based curve shape analysis of the entire SPR dip curve. In this way, an extremely sensitive and fully specific measure of the binding of dye-labelled compound is obtained and plotted as an enhanced sensorgram or ‘epigram’.

The benefits include:

  • Label-free interaction analysis with label-enhanced readout
  • 100x improved detectability of small molecules due to enhanced sensitivity
  • 100x improved detectability of proteins and antibodies due to enhanced specificity

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Conventional SPR
Conventional SPR
Enhanced SPR
Enhanced SPR

It is important to emphasize that the technology can be used on standard SPR instruments (e.g. Biacore), and that label-free affinity and kinetics data can be obtained by selecting an appropriate assay format (e.g. competition or inhibition).

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