I started with Surface Plasmon Resonance some years ago by using the BIACORE-system to do some antigen - antibody interactions. Soon my work shifted to more complex interaction systems and I started studying SPR and biomolecular interaction analysis. Now I have put all the collected study material in a web site. Because I did only a small part of the SPR-based biosensor technology, a lot of topics are not covered. I invite you to write down your knowledge and expertise so I can include it in this site and make it more interesting. Use the contribute form to upload your suggestions.

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The SPR-Pages are now available in print. The SPR-Pages book contains more in depth information about all the topics from this website. Buy the SPR Pages book. By buying the book, I can maintain this website.

Please enjoy my web site and tell me what you think about it.

Arnoud Marquart

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SPRpages book

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