The BiaMethodWriter is a program to write the automation methods in a more interactive way. This program uses pop up menus and dialog boxes to fill in the different parts. Remembering these odd parameters is not necessary any more.
It works for the control software with the Biacore 2000/3000. The new T200 control software is newly designed and not compatible with BiaMethodWriter.

Overview of the editing window

After choosing the Biacore machine and Software version the program will optimize and check the syntax of the method. Choosing a different rack base will directly update the pictures and the calculations on the vial volumes. Any volumes, which will not fit in the vials, will be reported. The program uses colored text formatting which gives a better overview of the method and makes it easier to find errors.

There is a connection between the method code and the vial places. BiaMethodWriter will fill in the vials in the racks only when they are used in the program.

All the errors will give the line number and the reason of the error. In the method text the place will be highlighted in bold red.

Adding a new method, or inject line simply begins with a right mouse click. Depending on the settings and place of the cursor an appropriate pop up menu or dialog box will appear. After filling in, the new line is inserted at the place of the cursor.

Editing window

Report function

Pressing the report button will give the report window in which the vials are listed per rack.
Below that there is a cycle report mentioning the cycles, how they are ordered and how many vials they involve.
At the bottom (not in the picture), the estimated required flow buffer volume and the total runtime is calculated.
From both the method and the report it is possible to make a printout. Use a color printer for the best results.

Report window

Screen shots of the BiaMethodWriter



Make a loop construct with the Define Loop dialog. It will insert the appropriate code at the right places. Then define an AProg, Alert or Message block in the same manner. The dialogs will know the parameters of the loop.







Add inject commands with a dialog. Don't worry about codes and strange words. Add time settings and vialpositions with one click.




Use the text formatting, syntax tracking and the error reporting to build fast and error free methods.



The Rack figures will help with with placing your vials in the machine. Vials are colour coded in red for a vial with sample, green for an empty vial and purple for an error in the vial volume.




Use the report function to print the method in colour, the Thermo racks, vial places and volumes, cycle reports and much more.