Label free

Label free techniques

Roundup of the websites and suppliers I found that do measurements in non invasive ways on non labelled molecules.

Dynamic Biosensors Company making the DRX 2400 system capable of measuring molecular interactions and biophysical characterization of proteins. The switchSENSE technology uses electrically switchable nanolevers. DNA nanolevers are electrically actuated at high-frequency on microelectrodes, while their orientation is monitored by time-resolved single photon counting. The binding of analyte molecules slows the switching dynamics in a characteristic way, providing an unprecedented level of information about the target.
MicroCal VP-ITC system which uses differential scanning calorimetry.
Axela Biosensors Diffractive optics technology with grating-based light diffraction and immobilized capture surfaces.
Luna Innovations Fibre optics coupled to microcantilevers.
Q-Sense The quartz crystal microbalance consists of a thin quartz disc with electrodes on both sides. The resonance frequency depends on the attached mass that is oscillating. A viscoelastic film will dampen the oscillation.
BioForce Nanosciences Atomic-force-microscopy-based platform for nanoarray analysis.
DeltaDot High performance capillary electrophoresis with label-free intrinsic imaging using algorithms to identify biomolecules.

Label free intrinsic Imaging

The Peregrine HPCE of DeltaDot uses Label-Free Intrinsic Imaging™ (LFII). This alternative to 1D- acrylamide gel systems does not use labels, stains, dyes or radioactivity. The technology works by using multipixel UV detectors to image biomolecules as they traverse a detection window. Resolution of the data approaches that of mass spectrometry in certain applications, such as post-translational modifications.